Setting up

Once you have a plan, you need to make it happen.  This will involve formally establishing your organisation, and transferring staff, assets and liabilties.  Our Action Checklist provides a starting point for all of the tasks you will need to complete before you can finally go live.

Rather than establish a fully independent organisation at the outset, you may choose to set up a transition or shadow organisation which can give new owners the chance to build capacity and establish a track record. This entails having a period – anywhere from 6 months to a number of years – where the organisation remains within statutory ownership, but takes on its own independent governance and many financial arrangements and is performance managed as if it were employee-owned.

As you move from vision to reality, you will inevitably enounter many challenges and frustations - successfully setting up a mutual is not easy and requires real commitment and leadership.  But you should also take heart from the many orgnisations which have overcome the obstacles and successfully got up and running.  On the path to becoming a mutual, it is important to be able to learn from others and our case studies provide many inspiring examples.  


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