Could you be a Mutuals Ambassador?

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The Cabinet Office is setting up a Mutuals Ambassadors Programme designed to drive forward the creation and growth of mutuals on the ground.

We want to find 20 of the most inspiring individuals in the public service mutual movement - we need people who are proactive and committed.

They will be from a diverse range of skills and experience, some in the late stages of setting up a mutual, running one, in organisations that aim to assist those who wish to mutualise, or those with commercial skills who are committed to the agenda.

Ambassadors will work on a pro bono basis to:

  • Troubleshoot: Ambassadors will spend short periods of time with fledgling and developed mutuals to propose recommendations and ideas to help them work through problems.
  • Use their commercial expertise: Ambassadors will deploy commercial skills to play a ‘critical friend’ role for those setting up or growing public services mutuals. They will encourage and support entrepreneurial thinking, offer feedback on business plans, support in articulating the company vision and in how to ‘sell’ their business.
  • Advocate and promote: Ambassadors will advocate the mutual model to relevant audiences, as well as through the media as required.
  • Develop policy and the pipeline: Ambassadors will play a role in gathering evidence and sharing this with stakeholders, including for Cabinet Office to feed into policy development processes. Ambassadors will encourage public servants to spin out and connect fledgling projects with Cabinet Office and the MSP.

The Ambassadors will be identified from across England and the programme will run for an initial one-year period. We recognise that many individuals currently carry out activities along these lines, and we are keen to build on this.

 Selection Process

  • Please send a CV and a short passage on why you would suit the role, and what you could bring to it to by September 5th.
  • We shall be selecting the Ambassadors shortly afterwards and announcements along with a first reception for the Ambassadors, hosted by the Minister for the Cabinet Office, will be held in the autumn.