Welcome to the Mutuals Information Service website. It is managed by the Cabinet Office’s Mutuals Team, which works to encourage and support the establishment of public service mutuals across the public sector.

The team:

  • Oversees the Mutuals Support Programme, a £10m programme that comprises the funds and this website. To access the support, click here
  • Supports the roll out of new ‘Rights to Provide’ across public services, so that employees can request or bid to take over the services they deliver.
  • Develops solutions to barriers, drawing on evidence collated from a pipeline of around 100 established and developing projects across England.

The team is currently taking a particular focus on some specific areas where there is great potential for mutuals - local authority services including adult and children’s social care and social work, fire services and probation services. We would particularly like to hear from anyone who wants to engage with our work.

To contact the team directly, please email the team or follow us on Twitter @mutualsgovuk

We'd love to hear your comments on this site. Please use the form at the bottom of the page for these comments.